Should I grow my fringes more, so it becomes a forward quiff? : Haircare

Also in camera my hairstyle looks so nice! But on the mirror my fringes look so bad. And when I put my face at a regular angle the back of my hair gives attention than the fringes. Does this mean the fringes are short so it’s not hiding the back? Also when someone takes a pic of me from far away and it it’s Sunny, my hair looks like it’s buzzed. And if I go far away from my hairstyle it doesn’t even look like the fringes are exposed, it looks like it’s a comb over. I have changed 4 barbers, but this was actually decent this barber and I’m attached to this place. What should I do? I get very spectacle about my hairstyle, sometimes I don’t like it, sometimes I do. Issue is I love volume and hairstyles that look cool. And I have thick wavy corse hair. And literally I have tilt up my head so the fringes look longer.

My hair:

(Camera) Head tilted up:

(camera) Hair left side:

(Camera) Head at a regular angle: (you could see the back more exposed, it doesn’t look that exposed as I washed my hair but usually it sticks up after couple of days)

(Camera) Birds eye view:

(Camera) regular angle without washing for 5 days:

(Mirror) regular angle:

(Camera) far away regular angle:

(Mirror): far away angle regular angle:

I know I post a lot here, but this will be the last time to express my concerns. And I don’t have to post on Reddit anymore!

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