Hand-Tied Extensions HELP! : Haircare

I have two rows of hand-tied extensions. I have really thin hair and LOVE my extensions.

I’m due to have them moved up Monday (exactly 8 weeks since they were put in) but the bottom row is hanging on by a thread. It’s still connected in the corners but not in the middle. I have no idea how it happened, I’ve been really careful with them.

I told my stylist, she said she’d deal with it Monday (in her defense she’s about an hour away). She says she plans to add more beads this time as a preventative measure and I think I may try to see her at the 6-week mark instead?

I need to wash my hair but with them this loose I’m afraid to. Any tips (other than dry shampoo, I’m all over that) to help get me through until would be much appreciated. Like should I bobby pin/clip it? It feels so unsteady! Thanks!

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