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I’ll start of with apologizing for potentially weird formatting and/or grammar mistakes.

I need a little help here figuring out my hair porosity.

So I looked up a hair porosity test and did exactly what it said. I dunked two dry, clean hair strands in a glass of water. They floated, but when I pushed them in the middle, they stayed exactly where I pushed them. When I lifted them up, they floated again.

Then I did another test. I ran my finger from the bottom of a hair strand to my scalp and it felt smooth, but because my hair was squeaky clean, it felt bumpy (is that the correct term? Idk) too. I know this sounds weird.

So I can’t decide if I have low or medium hair porosity.

For info, 17F and straight hair. The last time I colored it was in November.

Thank you so much :))

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